DeKalb Medical Society
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Judy and Bob McMahan Citizenship Award

This award was established in 1973 to recognize outstanding community service
by a DeKalb County physician. The award is presented at the Society's
Annual Meeting in honor of Judy and Bob McMahan, longtime community leaders in healthcare. Judy passed away in 2015 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

1973 Philip E. Christopher, M.D.
1974 Leslie C. Buchanan, M.D.
1975 T. C. Mosley, M.D
1976 O. Wytch Stubbs, Jr., M.D.
1977 Ralph A. Tillman, M.D.
1978 Luther M. Vinton, Jr., M.D.
1979 Russell W. Wallace, Jr., M.D.
1980 Roy W. Vandiver, M.D.
1981 Alexander T. Parkinson, M.D.
1982 M. Virginia Tuggle, M.D.
1983 John P. Heard, M.D.
1984 Earnest C. Atkins, M.D.
1985 H. Duane Blair, M.D.
1986 Tom D. Raaen, M.D.
1987 Don W. Printz, M.D.
1988 Harry R. Foster, M.D.
1989 W. Mark Coppage, M.D.
1990 Benjamin B. Okel, M.D.
1991 S. Perry Brickman, D.D.S.
1992 G. Douglas Talbott, M.D.
1993 Gary R. Botstein, M.D.
1994 Mr. Charles Eberhart
1995 Martha H. Crenshaw, M.D.
1996 LaMar S. McGinnis, M.D.
1997 Floyd Sanders, M.D.
1998 Stephen P. Leff, M.D.
1999 J.W. (Hank) Holderfield
2000 Sheldon M. Lincenberg, M.D.
2001 R. Paul Crank, M.D.
2002 Paul J. Wiesner, M.D.
2003 Walker L. Ray, M.D.
2004 Jean S. Staton, M.D.
2005 W. Hugh Spruell, M.D.
2006 Roger Rowell, M.D.
2007 Betty C. Castellani, D. Min
2008 Gulshan S. Harjee, M.D.
2009 Milton (Rick) Boden, M.D.
2010 David Fern, M.D.
2011 Elma Steves, M.D.
2012 Kenneth A. Hoose, Jr., M.D.
2013 Beverly Hutchinson and William Hutchinson, M.D.
2014 Don Siegel, M.D.
2015 Judy and Bob McMahan
2016 Michael Baron, DO
2017 Michael A. Norman, MD


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