DeKalb Medical Society
A Component of the Medical Association of Georgia and the American Medical Association

2018 Officers and Board of Directors


Don Siegel, MD

Vice President

Al Scott, MD


Qammar Rashid, MD

President - Elect

Eric Erickson, MD

Past President

Kathryn Elmore, MD

MAG Director - 1st, 2018

Stanley W. Sherman, MD

MAG Director - 2nd, 2018

Andrea P. Juliano, MD

MAG Alternate Director 1st, 2018

Kathryn Elmore, MD

MAG Alternate Director 2nd, 2018

Brian A. Levitt, MD

Director at Large

Gulshan Harjee, MD

Director at Large

Robin Dretler, MD

Chair, Commission on
Patient/Physician Advocacy

Roy W. Vandiver, MD

Chair, Commission on
Community Service

Gary R. Botstein, MD

Chair, Commission on
Legislative Activities

Joseph Weissman, MD

Chair, Commission on
Membership Services

William R. Hardcastle, MD

Delegates - 15

Gary Botstein
Robin Dretler
Kathryn Elmore
Eric Erickson
William Hardcastle
Gulshan Harjee
Andrea Juliano
Brian Levitt

Joy Maxey
Sandra Reed
Albert Scott
Stanley Sherman
Donald Siegel
Roy Vandiver
Joseph Weissman

Executive Office
Executive Director Melissa Connor


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Melissa Connor, Executive Director